Your Guide to Toilet Installations

Are you seeking contractors who specialize in bathroom remodeling for your toilet installation project? No need to look any further! Elm City Bathroom Specialists is proud to provide the New Haven, CT, region with reliable toilet installation services.

We are aware that upgrading your bathroom is a significant financial commitment. Consequently, our team of professionals is committed to delivering high-quality results and exceptional service to our customers.

We make it our mission to guarantee that every job is finished on schedule and under budget to enjoy your stunning new bathroom as quickly as possible. Our staff will be present at every stage of the process, from the very beginning to the very end, to offer assistance and ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Types of Toilets

Toilets come in many shapes and sizes, so whether you’re renovating your bathroom or want to upgrade the look of your current toilet, there are plenty of options. Depending on your needs and budget, these types of toilets can be great choices:

1. High-Efficiency Toilet (HET): HETs use less water than traditional models while still getting the job done effectively. This is an excellent option for those looking to reduce their water usage and save money on their utility bills.

2. Pressure-Assisted Toilet (PA): These flush with more power than other toilets, meaning you get an efficient flush every time. They also require less maintenance over time, making them an excellent long-term investment.

3. Wall-Mounted Toilet: As the name suggests, these toilets are mounted on the wall with no tank visible. This makes them ideal for small bathrooms where you don’t have much floor space to work with or if you want an ultra-modern look.

4. One-Piece Toilet: These sleek designs consist of only one piece, which can make installation easier and helps reduce leaks. Cleaning is also more straightforward since there are fewer crevices to get into.

5. Two-Piece Toilet: This traditional model has a separate tank and bowl components connected by bolts and gaskets, making them easy to install. They’re also generally less expensive than one-piece models, making them an excellent option for budget shoppers.

With the right model, you can have a more efficient and stylish bathroom in no time.

Why is it Essential to Have a Trained Expert Carry Out the Installation?

Bathroom remodeling contractors in New Haven can ensure that your toilet installation is carried out correctly. An experienced and trained expert will have the necessary skills to execute the job safely and effectively, preventing costly repairs or replacements down the line.

We understand plumbing systems and local codes, which ensures that your new toilet will meet all legal requirements and be installed correctly. We can also help you select a model that fits your budget and design preferences.

Additionally, we can advise how to maintain your new toilet for years to come, helping you get the most out of it. With our help, you can trust that your toilet installation project will go smoothly!